For an inclusive math museum : take a seat !

By taking a seat, you contribute to making this museum accessible to all! You have until December 31, 2022

For an inclusive math museum : take a seat !

For an inclusive math museum : take a seat - braille translation - until december 31, 2022

The project in a few words

The Jean Perrin amphitheater will reopen to the public in 2023! 

With the opening of the Maison Poincaré (mathematics museum), schoolchildren, professors, students, and the curious will once again be able to step onto the bleachers of the Jean Perrin Amphitheater, this heritage space built in 1926. Guided tours by explainers, lectures, and other cultural activities will be organized.

« Set in Jean Perrin’s former laboratory, the Maison Poincaré will be a unique space of its kind, where scientists, middle school and high school students, teachers, and all those curious about science will come together », confides Sylvie Benzoni, director of the institute. 

A space for exhibitions and exchange dedicated to mathematics and their interactions with our daily lives, among research, education, and society.

Open to all audiences!



To respond to the specific needs of different audiences, the spaces of the Maison Poincaré, including the amphitheater, will be adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and equipped with accessibility devices to welcome people with sensory disabilities (visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired and deaf) in the best possible conditions. We aim to make the visit as independent as possible for all these people.

A more inclusive math museum :

With the translation of audiovisual productions into sign language, and texts and illustrations from the permanent exhibition into Braille (explanatory cards, labels, panels, and booklets, illustrations in relief). (PMR access being already taken into account.)

  • to welcome in the best conditions the persons in situations of sensory handicaps
  • to promote their social and professional integration by giving them access to scientific and mathematical culture


The amphitheater will retain its original size and woodwork and will be enhanced with custom seating and backrests to allow everyone to enjoy the content presented more comfortably.

To create a more inclusive museum and to improve the comfort of the amphitheater, we invite you to name its 87 places - of which 3 places are reserved for PRM.



Photo taken from the back of the amphitheater - Camille Cier


To name a seat, 

choose a donation amount from the list (see table): it varies depending on its location in the amphitheater (see the plan of the amphitheater) and the duration of the naming.

Brass nameplates will be affixed to the edge of the amphitheater shelves, with a first name and the last name engraved on them.

It is entirely possible to name one or more places and dedicate one to a loved one. Each seat will bear the name of a person or group.

You can also choose a donation level among those proposed and exclude the naming, or support this campaign with the amount of your choice.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


US or Hong Kong residents?

You can participate in the campaign on the following pages and benefit from naming!

For more information:



The creation of the Maison Poincaré is divided between the public and private sectors: private funds are collected by the IHP Endowment Fund, which initiated this campaign.

The IHP Endowment Fund was started in 2016 to support - through private funds - projects such as the Maison Poincaré, an institution where science and society intersect.

Project Carriers :

Sylvie Benzoni, Mathematician and IHP Director 

Elodie Cheyrou, In charge of Maison Poincaré 

Clotilde Fermanian, Chairman of the IHP Mathematical Culture Committee

Brigitte Zana, Executive Director at the IHP Endowment Fund 

Cyrielle Valet, Fundraising and Communication Manager


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